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Let's Get Boys to Read.

A monthly paperback book subscription aimed at reluctant readers aged 9 to 14. Especially boys. (1).jpg

The reality is, boys will read.

But they need material designed to appeal to them.

Research shows boys are more likely to read books with these core elements:

  • Action

  • Utility

  • Includes their Interests


They are also more likely to enjoy books that are:

  • Non-Fiction (or include Non-Fiction elements)

  • Comics or Graphic Novels

  • Shorter in Length

How Super Science Showcase Gets Boys to Read

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Super Science Showcase Subscription Books:

  • Are SHORT in length (always under 80 pages)

  • Feature ACTION-ORIENTED and/or comedic stories in many different adventure genres

  • Include UTILITY and NON-FICTION elements, such as:

    • Non-Fiction Articles​

    • Science Experiments

    • Puzzles

    • Games

    • Quizzes

    • Comic Strips

    • Science Facts

    • Glossaries

  • Star HEROES young readers can relate to, look up to, or both (1).png

Super Science Showcase Books are educational.

Topics include STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), History, Literature and more.

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